10th anniversaryJack Canfield's Latest Book- The Success Principles

“The results you’ll achieve will be extraordinary.”

author of Money: Master the Game and Awaken the Giant Within

“The pursuit of success affects every area of our lives— from our careers to our health to the amount of money we put in the bank. The Success Principles is the only guidebook you’ll need for that pursuit. Don’t leave home without it.”

JJ Virgincelebrity nutritionist and fitness expert

“Jack Canfield is a true master. He understands what it takes to lead a successful life, and in The Success Principles he puts all the key elements together in one place for the rest of the world to see.”

T. Harv Ekerauthor of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

“Success people know the most significant investment you can make is in yourself. The Success Principles helps you master the skill sets that will attract great people, great opportunities, and great fortune into your life.”

Cynthia Kerseyfounder of the Unstoppable Foundation

The Success Principles should be a must read for anyone who is looking to attain new heights in his or her life. Is there a way to make this book required reading for future generations? I wish I had this information twenty years ago!”

Arielle Fordauthor of The Soul Mate Secret and Wabi Sabi Love
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The 10th Anniversary Edition

The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

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The Secret to Achieving Your Most Audacious Goals

There is only one way to guarantee success in life: you have to plan for it. Yet despite all the talk in January about New Year’s resolutions, only 3 percent of the population actually write down specific, measurable goals.

In this special online video training, I’ll show you a simple practice you can follow to achieve your most ambitious goals and create a life of significance – a life where you have the freedom to be, do and have whatever you truly desire. You’ll also learn my step-by-step process to plan your life so you live with INTENTION, ready to respond to whatever life throws at you.

You’ll discover why it’s so important to have written goals… how to set them properly so you have a greater chance of achieving them… what to do if you don’t know where to start… strategies to overcome the most common pitfalls and the traps to avoid… how to make steady progress on even the biggest and most audacious goals, and more!  I’ll even provide you with action guides to put your knowledge to work immediately. ($59 value)

Jack Canfield: How to Create a Life of Significance

Awesome Bonus #2: Ask Jack Canfield Audio Sessions

“Ask Jack Canfield” Sessions

In this newly compiled audio (mp3 file), I answer the most popular questions people have asked me over the past ten years about applying the concepts and strategies found in The Success Principles. These are questions you’ll have too as you focus on living your life’s purpose and creating new success habits – questions like: What principles are the most important to start with? … How do I stay focused while facing the realities and stresses of daily life? … What can I do to create and sustain my motivation? … What if I haven’t discovered my passions? … How can I quiet my inner critic? … and more!  If you have questions, this is where you’ll find answers. ($49 value)

Daily Disciplines for Success Inspirational Poster & Guide

One of the most popular questions people ask me is: “Jack, what are your most important daily actions that you correlate with your success?”  In fact, Oprah Winfrey asked me this exact question just days before appearing on her show. In this newly designed inspirational poster and action guide, you’ll discover my most powerful daily success practices. I’ll show you how to incorporate them into your own life to ensure that your personal goals and success habits are always tip of mind. ($29 value)

Jack Canfield's daily disciplines for success

Instant Income New Business Planner

Instant Income New Business Planner, is based on Janet Switzer’s #1 bestselling book, Instant Income®: Strategies That Bring In the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs.  If your business needs to focus on bringing in steady, more reliable income, this free strategy guide from Janet will be welcome information for you. It contains strategies that have been honed and perfected over the last 25 years, generating both emergency cash and long-term revenue streams for many of the top celebrity entrepreneurs in the world—whom she has the privilege of working with.


Jack Canfield is a bestselling author, award-winning speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and an internationally recognized leader in personal development and peak performance strategies. For more than 40 years, he’s been teaching entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, and people from all walks of life how to create the life they truly desire. In 2014, SUCCESS magazine named him “One of the Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement.”

As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, he created a billion-dollar brand with more than 200 titles, including 60 New York Times bestsellers, and more than 500 copies in print in 50 languages around the world.

Today, Jack’s celebrating the 10-year anniversary of his bestselling book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by releasing a brand-new, updated and fully revised 10th anniversary edition. This game-changing book has been hailed as the “new self-improvement classic” and contains 67 of the most powerful secrets to success known to mankind.

Jack Canfield

Janet Switzer
is a 25-year veteran of generating revenue for small businesses, including many of the world’s top celebrity entrepreneurs.  She’s the #1 bestselling author of Instant Income: Strategies That Bring in the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs from McGraw-Hill Publishers.  As well, she’s the New York Times bestselling co-author of The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, published in 30 languages.  Her books, newsletters and training courses are used by businesspeople in more than 80 countries—spanning dozens of diverse industries and virtually every business category.

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